Rajaram Consumer Care, a leading business group with more than 3 decades of manufacturing experience, known for their commitment to environmental consciousness was seeking to launch Orna- a new dishwashing liquid successfully into the Indian market.

We conducted an elaborate marketing campaign for the launch of Orna. We conducted a survey where consumers could experience the product firsthand and provide feedback. This approach aimed to generate interest and create brand awareness among potential customers. The campaign proved to be highly successful, with nearly 2000 registrations within just 2 days.

The survey revealed impressive results for Orna. Around 86% of the consumers found Orna to be the only dishwashing liquid with antibac properties, rating it as above average. This positive response played a crucial role in boosting the product’s credibility and positioning it as a reliable choice in the market.

In addition to the social media marketing, we also revamped Rajaram Consumer Care’s website. By enhancing the website’s design, functionality, and user experience, they ensured that visitors could easily access information about Orna and make informed purchasing decisions.