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Kentrix is a leading business intelligence platform that specializes in providing real-time data on spending patterns, lifestyles, and psychographics. With a strong focus on data analytics, Kentrix aims to assist businesses in making informed decisions. Despite having extensive field experience, Kentrix realized the need to expand its reach and engage a broader audience.

They needed to enhance their brand visibility and communicate their value proposition to potential customers.

We identified Instagram and LinkedIn as a suitable platforms to showcase Kentrix’s offerings. We collaboratively developed compelling visual content, informative captions, and engaging posts. By consistently sharing updates, and success stories, and explaining the benefits of using Kentrix’s services, we helped build a strong social media presence for the brand.

We also organized webinars for Kentrix to educate their target audience about the importance of utilizing real-time data and business intelligence in decision-making. These webinars helped establish Kentrix as a thought leader in the industry and created brand credibility among potential customers resulting in an increase in inquiries, conversions, and ultimately, business growth for Kentrix.